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Medical Coding & Billing

Medical coding is the transformation of healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes..

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Medical Billing

Medical Billing is an accounting for medical bills and medical claims submitted on behalf of a patient to insurance companies...

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Australian Coding

In Australia the classification system is ICD-10-AM, ACHI and ACS (International Classification of Diseases 10th revision..

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Post Graduate Diploma In Health Information Management

Learn one of the on-demand, lucrative IT career fields, Health Information Management (HIM), a combination of business, science, and information technology..

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Certificate Program in Medical Coding Auditing

In this certificate program, you will understand the coding concepts and medical record auditing as seen through a medical auditor’s eyes..

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Medical Transcription

Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession, which deals in the process of transcription, or converting..

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Certificate program in Dental Coding

This program is designed to prepare candidates for employment in Dental health care settings as, Dental Coder, Dental Biller, Dental Auditor, Insurance co-ordinator or Authorization Officer...

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Certificate program in HCC coding

Certificate program in HCC Coding training will help you how to read a medical chart and assign the correct diagnosis (ICD-10-CM) codes for a wide variety of clinical cases and services for risk adjustment models...

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Cigma Internship Program

The internship program is a web-based training program allowing new medical coders to gain confidence in coding 660 cases in various specialities. Complete the program while training ...

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Certificate Program in Inpatient Coding

This certificate program will prepare learners for a medical coding career in inpatient coding in a hospital. The student will learn principles of medical coding related to ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS subjects.

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Public Health Administration

The field of public health administration concerns itself with the administration, leadership, and management of health care systems, such as hospitals, networks, and public health systems. A Bachelor of Public Health Administration (BPHA) graduate is a health care professional.

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Post Graduate Program in Home Health Coding

Home Health Coding course is designed to equip graduates of any discipline with the essential skills and knowledge for a career in medical coding, specifically tailored to home health care – a rapidly growing sector in the healthcare industry..


Post Graduate Program in Medical Scribing

Post Graduate Program in Medical Scribing

Duration: 3 ½ months

Medical scribing involves documenting patient data into EHRs during healthcare visits, enhancing care efficiency and allowing physicians to focus more on patients. With the rise of EHRs, demand for scribes has grown, making their role vital in modern healthcare. Beyond data entry, scribes manage patient information and assist in administrative tasks. Training programs develop skills in medical terminology, anatomy, and EHR systems, preparing scribes to support healthcare teams effectively. This role is foundational for those advancing in the medical field, offering extensive healthcare experience.

Training Details:

The training schedule for the Post Graduate Program in Medical Scribing is structured into two main phases with the following format:

  • Basic Training (2 months): This initial phase likely covers foundational knowledge and skills essential for medical scribing, including medical terminology, anatomy, EHR systems, and basic documentation practices.
  • Advanced Training (1 ½ months): The subsequent phase probably delves into more complex aspects of medical scribing, such as specialized medical transcription, advanced EHR functionalities, and handling of diverse medical scenarios in real-time documentation.
  • Mode of Training: The program is delivered online from Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm, providing a full-time learning environment that can accommodate extensive interaction and comprehensive coverage of the curriculum.
Eligibility: Any graduate


The prerequisites for the Post Graduate Program in Medical Scribing, tailored for those aiming to work in environments like the US healthcare system, include:

  • Proficiency in English Communication: The ability to communicate effectively in English, both spoken and written, with minimal grammatical errors, is crucial. This skill is vital for medical scribing, where accurate and clear documentation of patient encounters and medical procedures is required, often in a fast-paced environment.
  • Willingness to Work Night Shifts (US Timing): Since the program prepares individuals for roles that might require alignment with US healthcare hours, candidates must be prepared to work night shifts to match the US time zones. This is especially relevant for scribes working remotely or in global service centers supporting US healthcare providers.
  • Access to a Laptop/Desktop with Reliable Internet Connectivity: Reliable access to a computer and the internet is essential for online training, accessing healthcare databases, and performing real-time documentation during patient care sessions
Course Outline:

Introduction to Medical Scribing:

  1. Role and responsibilities of a medical scribe
  2. Overview of the healthcare industry and medical terminology

Basic Training (First 2 months):

  1. Medical Terminology
  2. Anatomy and Physiology
  3. Pharmacology basics
  4. Introduction to Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  5. Listening and dictation skills

Evaluation: End of Basic Training Assessment

Advanced Training (Next 1 ½ months):

  1. Advanced medical documentation
  2. Specialized areas of care (e.g., cardiology, orthopedics, etc.)
  3. Legal and ethical aspects of medical scribing
  4. Real-time scribing techniques

Evaluation: End of Advanced Training Assessment

Placement Policy

The policy of a 100% job guarantee post-completion, combined with the condition of not requiring payment of training fees if employment evaluation is not cleared, significantly enhances the attractiveness of the program. Here’s how these elements work together to benefit students and the training provider:

  • 100% Job Guarantee Post-Completion: This guarantee reflects the institution's confidence in the quality of its training program and its relevance to the job market. It provides a strong motivation for students to enroll, knowing that their education will directly lead to employment opportunities.
  • No Fee Payment if Employment Evaluation is Not Cleared: This condition aligns the interests of the training provider and the students, ensuring that the training is effective and that students are job-ready upon completion. It reduces the financial risk for students and emphasizes the commitment of the training provider to deliver outcomes that lead to employment.
Training Fees Details
  • Fee Payment After Receiving Job Offer: This condition minimizes financial risk for students, as they only need to pay the course fees once they secure a job with a salary above a specified threshold (e.g., INR 25,000). This arrangement can make the course more accessible to those who may not have the funds to pay upfront and links the cost of education directly to employment outcomes.
  • Caution Deposit: A refundable deposit serves as a commitment device for students, ensuring they take the course seriously. The deposit is refundable under specific conditions like no progress in skill development despite proper attendance or inability to continue training due to medical illness, which provides a safety net for students facing genuine challenges.
  • No Refund in Cases of Termination for Specific Reasons: This clause deters non-serious candidates and helps maintain discipline and performance standards. If a student is terminated due to lack of attendance, misbehavior, or non-performance of assignments/tasks, they forfeit their deposit. This policy underlines the importance of commitment and consistent effort from the students.

Individuals interested in a career in the medical scribing field, it's advised to talk to a counselor to learn more about the opportunities available. By participating in a focused training program, individuals can enter this lucrative industry and potentially earn a minimum of 3 lakhs per annum within just 100 days of training.

Who Can Apply

Eligibility Criteria: Any Graduate

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