Tips For Preparing Medical Billing & Coding Interview


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Are you currently searching for a job in the Medical Billing & Coding field? Don’t stop continue reading and you gain few tips to help ensure that you’re prepared for the interview. While applying for new positions in any field is a challenging step that you face. This may be because you simply don’t have a lot of experience sitting in professional interviews or perhaps because situations like this can seem high pressure. It will be extremely valuable if you’re able to go into the interview calmly and confidently. This is particularly important for students studying medical billing and coding, as the field requires not only a concrete understanding of how to perform coding, but also the ability to adapt to specific needs of individual practices.

You’ve finished your education with CIGMA Healthcare Academy and now you’re ready to get that Medical Billing and Coding job you’ve been dreaming about. If you’re currently searching for a job in the Medical Billing & Coding field or think you will be soon, take a look at these tips for preparing for the interview.

Research the Company:

Before you appear for a medical billing interview, visit the company website. Find out what the company’s future goals and objectives are by studying the mission statement. Gather as much information about the company as possible including its founding year and how many members there are in the medical billing team.

Present yourself professionally:

According to the American Academy of Professional Coders, you should always aim to show up to a medical billing and coding interview in professional, neat clothing that offers a very solid first impression of you.

Possible Interview Questions:

This is where your research skills (and understanding of the job description) come into play. You must research what questions you will be asked. Typical questions will include understanding of medical terminology, types of certifications acquired, knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid, handling unpaid and rejected claims and knowledge of EMR systems.

Try Mock Interviews:

Indulge in mock interviews. Ask a friend to ask you the questions which you researched and answer them to the best of your abilities. Ensure that you provide the answers that an interviewer wants to hear. If you are asked a question about your certification, take it seriously and answer it properly because medical billing certification shows that you are committed to the job and have taken measures to ensure this commitment.