Medical Billing and Coding Career Information


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You need to know this if you are considering a career in Medical Coding.Becoming a Medical Coder is a good career choice for those individuals that are detail oriented, organized, enjoy a continually changing career field and can work in a fast paced setting. Coders are responsible for making sure the correct codes are entered into the proper places, therefore they must possess the aptitude and determination to carefully process their work.

Coders are employed in several different locations among the healthcare field such as, nursing homes, private practices, insurance companies, and hospitals. You will need to be an independent worker who is confident in your abilities.

This is one of the few health-related occupations in which there is little or no direct contact with patients. Because accuracy is essential in this jobs, coders must pay close attention to detail. This is a job field where you may be required to work nights, weekends or rotating shifts if you are working in a hospital or large practice setting.

Those pursuing training in medical billing and coding will be equipped with the skills necessary to perform a range of activities including submitting claims to insurance companies, state insurance agencies or the U.S. government; resolve discrepancies when claims are denied; navigate and utilize a classification system to assign codes for all patient symptoms, diagnosis’s, diseases, procedures, etc. that are used in insurance reimbursement and research