5 Reasons Why Medical Coding is a Smart Career Choice


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Are you interested in the medical field? Do you like working with computers? If so, you might want to consider a career in medical coding. Medical coding is a specialized skill of converting patient records into codes for billing purposes. Doctors and other health care providers use codes to bill insurance companies for services and procedures rendered.

Insurance companies require that health care providers submit special codes instead of written descriptions of procedures and services. Medical coders play a critical role in this process. The medical coder must read the patient’s medical record, determine what services the patient received, determine the diagnosis, and assign the correct codes.

Medical coders need to be detail-oriented and have good computer skills. The average salary of medical coders is Rs.2,40,000/- a year. However, you can increase your salary options by becoming certified. According to the AAPC, certified medical coders earn at least 45 percent more than non-certified coders. The following are five reasons why medical coding is a smart career choice:

1. There is high demand for medical coders
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for medical coders will grow at an alarming rate of 22 percent through the year 2022. One reason for the high demand is because of the new changes taking place in the healthcare IT industry.
Currently, medical coders are using ICD-10 classification codes. The new change has drastically increased the demand for skilled medical coders. The implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act has also played a role in the increased demand for medical coders.

2. Education can be completed in less than six month.
A college degree is required to become a qualified medical coder. Many medical coding programs can be completed in as little as three to six months. Medical coders should gain knowledge in medical terminology, human anatomy, and physiology. Once you complete a medical coding training program, you will be able to take exams to become certified.

3. You can take medical coding courses online
There are several online medical coding programs. This is a good option if you work a full-time and don’t have the ability to attend a college in your area. Many online programs allow you to work independently at your own pace. Just make sure that your online program is approved by either AHIMA or AAPC. Cigma Medical Coding Academy has an online medical coding program that can be completed in three months.

4. Certifications don’t differ from Country to Country
Medical coding associations like the AHIMA and AAPC offer national certifications, including the CPC (Certified Professional Coder) and CCS (Certified Coding Specialist). This means you don’t have re-certify if you move to another Country.

5. Advancement Opportunities
There are definitely opportunities to advance in the medical coding field. Experienced medical coders can pursue positions as health information managers or coding supervisors. You will also have opportunities to advance by obtaining specialty certifications, or by obtaining a college degree in health information management.

If you need a career or are seeking a career change, medical coding might be a good fit for you. With the high demand for medical coders, job flexibility, and opportunities for advancement, there is no doubt that medical coding is a smart career choice. Visit AHIMA and AAPC to get more information about medical coding and approved education institute.

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