Why Medical Coding? Why Choose Cigma?


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Why Medical Coding? Why Choose Cigma?

Everyone will rethink or realize whether their professional career is on the right track. Furthermore, if we think we have not selected the right career, It is essential to how we overcome that situation and how effectively we choose a new career opportunity.

The Covid era has shown us that the healthcare industry is one of the sectors with the highest employment potential & stability under any circumstances. So now, the medical coding industry's significance and job opportunities have arisen. However, now you have another question that will also come up.

Where should I study?

AAPC certification is the most recognized and trusted certification in the healthcare industry. Training from AAPC-approved institutes has the highest success rate; among all the providers, a high percentage of winners, 88% and the toper of the CPC exam, 98%, are from Cigma Medical Coding Academy. Moreover, we placed 1567 candidates in 2022, which is another highest score in the Medical Coding Industry.

Why Choose Cigma?

Exams and their preparations are the most important in any education. The most important thing is to learn what to learn and how to learn from qualified and experienced faculties. Another highlight of Cigma is the practice exam. From this, you will get lots of mock tests. Unlike usual, Cigma has prepared interactive classes for students. It not only teaches you but also helps them to enter in dept in the field where they are going to work & gain more knowledge and move ahead competitively. An online externship is an online tool to test medical coding proficiency using accurate, redacted medical records. It is an added advantage too to help you. Apart from this, 90-95% placement assistance is another major attraction that only Cigma can claim.

Cigma Medical Coding is the First AAPC Certified Institution In Kerala since 2015 with continually Maintained  AAPC licensed educator Credentials of India.

"Choose your career wisely and choose the right one."