Why Medical Coding and Medical Coders Will rule The Future of HIM sector?


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Why Medical Coding and Medical Coders Will rule The Future ..?

What is medical Coding ? We can simplify this term by saying Medical coders read a patient’s medical chart and analyze it, determining the patient's diagnoses and any procedures performed. They at that point sort those analyses and strategies as indicated by a national grouping framework, allocating a particular numeric or alphanumeric code to every conclusion or method. There are many uses associated with medical coding. Some of them are;

Epidemiological Studies ;It is a study which is related to how often diseases occur in several groups of individuals and why it is occurred . It is occupied to plan and evaluate strategies to stop illness and as a guide to the management of patients in whom disease has already developed. the epidemiology of a disease is an integral part of its basic description and it has a special techniques of data collection and interpretation. And this will help us to measure the prevalence of that disease ie; the existing cases of a disease and may be seen as a measure of disease status; it's the proportion of individuals during a population having a disease.

Clinical and diagnostic Research ; Medical coding is the foundation for the identification of health trends and statistics globally, and the international standard for reporting diseases and health conditions.It is the indicative characterization standard for all clinical and research purposes. It characterizes the universe of infections, issue, wounds and other related wellbeing conditions, recorded in a thorough, progressive style that takes into account, simple stockpiling, recovery and examination of wellbeing data for prove based dynamic, sharing and contrasting wellbeing data between medical clinics, locales, settings and nations; and information correlations in a similar area across various timeframes.


Education Of Health professionals

If you are working in medicinal services, a firm handle of clinical phrasing is imperative to your activity execution. It is essential that both clinical and nonclinical positions inside a healthcare system must be able to handle medical terminology effortlessly to identify  what is being perused, composed, charged, or conveyed during everyday occupation obligations.It will definitely improve your job performance and guide you become competitive in health care services.While you learn the same,you will start learning a standardized medicine language and it will help you to understand and communicate easily and as a result you can improve the patient safety by avoiding miscommunications.In nut shell,all the healthcare members are able to understand the medicine language and this will leads to minimize the avoidable mistakes.

Health Service Planning

Medical codes are also used for performance measurement. It will decrease the need for record abstraction and chart review, and thereby minimize administrative burdens on physicians and other health care professionals and gave eligible professionals (EPs) the opportunity to assess the quality of care they were providing to their patients, helping to ensure that patients get the right care at the right time.


Health Services/intervention planning

A range of routinely collected administrative and clinically generated codified data could be used to evaluate the impact of interventions on the delivery of health and social care to improve the services.


Quality Assurance Activities ;Medical coding happens every time you see a healthcare provider. The healthcare provider reviews your complaint and medical history, makes an expert assessment of what’s wrong and how to treat you, and documents related to  your visits.I t will helps to ensure the Patient's diagnosis, Medical necessity for treatments, services, or supplies the patient received Treatments, services, and supplies provided to the patient Any unusual circumstances or medical condition that affected those treatments and services Reimbursement by health insurers; Medical coding involves extracting billable information from the medical record and clinical documentation, while medical billing uses those codes to create insurance claims and bills for patients.


Casemix management; Casemix is a general term which explains any system which totals information about patients and associated procedures into groups based on the type and mix of the patients treated. The job of the clinical coder is to effectively distinguish and decipher the account portrayals of sicknesses, wounds and systems contained in clinical records into alphanumeric codes.These codes are utilized for a few purposes including the arrangement of data for wellbeing administration arranging.It is determined from inpatient stay data collected by the clinical coder from the patient record and manually coded into electronic systems.    

Role delineation of healthcare facilities ;It is a process that determines that support services, personnel profile, minimum safety standards and other requirements are provided to ensure the provision of clinical services in a safe and adequate manner. With the help of coding all the mentioned areas can coverup with proper and adequate measures. As a result it will help to maintain minimum standards and will leads to take necessary actions accordingly.

UtilizationReview; It is performed by an interdisciplinary team of health information management professionals, registered nurses and board-certified, actively practicing physicians.It will help us to conduct line-by-line and cost outlier bill audits, determinations of medical necessity and are experienced in identifying quality problems and fraud.