Why Cigma’s students have a higher success rate in cracking the CPC test

Cigma Team

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 Being one of the most reputed medical coding training institutions in India, it brings us extreme joy to see our beloved students succeed in the CPC exam and secure their long-term successful careers. We believe that it's always the best that produces the marvellous and here at Cigma, we produce marvellous results every single time. Cigma is known for having a high success rate in cracking the CPC test every year and this time, things have been pretty much favourable. 

441 of our students successfully cracked the CPC exam held in December 2022. The test was attended by students at different AAPC exam centres across India, UAE and the USA. You may wonder, how we are able to achieve this every year, what’s our secret formula? Don’t worry, we explain all that in this article for your reference, 

How It’s Done At Cigma?

The primary reason why we are able to produce these tremendous results with each batch every year is by offering the best quality education, utilizing experienced and knowledgeable instructors, providing hands-on training opportunities and offering a comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum. Let’s get on that in detail.

Quality Education

At Cigma, we provide the best quality education by implementing a wide variety of learning strategies that helps students understand and master the concepts. To enhance the learning experience even further, we incorporate technologies into our training program that include online resources, workshops, and interactive learning tools.

Qualified Faculties

We always believe that having qualified instructors is critical to the success of a medical coding training institution. As they have a deep understanding of medical coding concepts, as well as relevant experience working in the field, they provide valuable knowledge to students and strategies to crack the CPC exam. Apart from that, they also motivate and engage students to excel in their career fields.

Hands-on Training

As medical coding job requires making precise decisions and cataloguing activities, it is important for students to have sufficient time to practice the various coding and billing scenarios for medical conditions. At Cigma, we provide access to real-world coding experiences that help students develop the necessary set of skills and confidence to tackle the work challenges in the field.

Following the Latest Curriculum

Unlike other fields, medical coding is a constantly evolving field. This is why it’s important to follow the latest curriculum which lists the latest industry standards and best practices. Cigma Medical Coding Academy always follows the updated syllabus recommended by the AAPC that covers a wide range of topics. This includes medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, ICD-10-CM and CPT coding, reimbursement methodologies, compliance regulations and more.


By implementing these strategies, we are able to produce big results by preparing students for successful medical coding careers in various healthcare institutions. Studying at Cigma offer students the knowledge, skills, and confidence to work effectively as professional medical coders. This leads to higher employment rates and better job opportunities for them.