Why Choose CIGMA Healthcare Academy for Medical Scribing Training

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Are you in the medical field and eager to work alongside experienced physicians? CIGMA Academy offers you a highly rewarding Medical Scribe training program for healthcare professionals. Cigma Healthcare academy is the premier healthcare It excellence training provider in Kerala. Our rigorous program trains individuals to thoroughly and accurately document patient encounters. You’ll be receiving ongoing education through the lectures of experienced professionals, online training and much more.

100% committed to Healthcare IT Training

CIGMA Healthcare Academy is 100% committed to healthcare IT training standards and provide the best infrastructure with well-equipped class room and lab facilities. We train innovative and engaging programs leading to employment, development, and advancement in the largest and fastest growing fields within healthcare IT industry. Our students undergo extensive training which includes English language, computer skills, professional communication, medical knowledge, Medical coding and much more. With such skills, you will be able to work alongside or remotely a medical doctor every day and assist them in completing their medical charts to electronic health record. Everything we update is tied to support and empower learners by focusing on their career progression and future.

Industry Experience

We are the largest professional medical scribe training academy in Kerala with training schools in Cochin and Calicut. We have successfully completed several medical scribe batches over the years and these successes provide us with expertise that is unparalleled in the industry. Our tutors are well-trained certified training professionals with hands on experience from healthcare information technology committed to a high standard of integrity to healthcare it training.

High Standard in Training

CIGMA got a high standard in Training. The lack of standardization in training is the most common reason for medical scribe program failure. We offer good standard of education delivered through cutting edge lectcures and online training scenarios. We educate our medical scribes in all the components of physician documentation. Our quality of training sets us apart from the competition. Our team will always ensures that every level of your medical scribe program has a true vested interest in its success, something you will not find with any other scribe training academy.

Our Training Levels & Placement Guarantee

Medical Scribing training is a two level 9 month Certification program by CPMS India. Placement is guranteed for those students who succesfully complete the Two Level Certification Program.

Level I

Institute Training- 4 Months

Level II

Company Training- 5 Months

CPMS India Placement Guarantee says, “We hereby promise that we will refund 100% of the tuition fees collected if we fail in providing placement as an OJT Medical Scribing Specialist within 90 days of successful completion of the Certificate Program in Medical Scribing by CPMS India.”