Why certification matters in a medical coding career?

Cigma Team

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If you are in the process of pursuing a medical coding career, you must know that it's essential to complete these two steps which are one, getting trained by a renowned medical coding training institution and two, clearing the appropriate certification exam. But some of you might wonder why certification matters. This is because having a certification is crucial and having one on your resume gives you a competitive edge over others not having one. In this article, I explain why certification really matters in your medical coding career.

A big difference

Before you embark on a medical coding career, you must understand that enrolling on a medical coding training program and clearing the certification exam are both different and equally important tasks. However, one of the major differences is cost. Medical coding training programs are not cheap and the learning curve is a bit higher. 

However, coding certifications provided by organisations such as AAPC, AHIMA, etc, however, are much more affordable. To obtain a certification, you must have sound knowledge of the various medical concepts in the syllabus. Mastering these concepts allows you to succeed in your medical coding career.

Perks of having a medical coding certification   

The biggest perk of having a certification for a medical coder is the recognition and more job opportunities he/she gets in the long term. Even if the students get enough training and knowledge, it can be still difficult to start a career at renowned medical IT companies, healthcare facilities etc without a proper certification. 

Speaking of that, obtaining certification by clearing the appropriate tests isn’t an easy task. This is known by most recruiting companies which is why they prefer to hire candidates having appropriate certifications than those without one. Apart from having a competitive edge over other candidates, obtaining a medical coding certification offers various benefits which are:

  • Acts as official proof of your medical coding knowledge.

  • Increases your earning potential & career opportunities

  • Offers flexibility in choosing your employer and location

  • Once passed, you can pursue specialised certification options.

Get career ready with Cigma

To get the best results, it is recommended to attempt the certification exam right after getting trained at a reputed medical coding training institution. This is because the knowledge and skills you mastered will remain fresh in your mind. Speaking of training, it is recommended to enrol at a place known for providing quality education and Cigma Medical Coding Academy is one such place. 

We are the first AAPC-certified institution in Kerala. Candidates who have enrolled here have achieved the highest success rate in the CPC tests conducted by AAPC. Our in-depth educational classes, interactive practical workshop sessions, etc help you stay organized and effectively prepare for the exam. If you wish to pursue a successful medical career, then Cigma is the place where you should enrol and get trained.