What You Will Learn From a Medical Billing and Coding Academy

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Hospitals and other medical companies are having trouble finding enough medical coding and billing professionals to fill their job vacancies. Medical billers and coders are in high demand, but you need to be certified to qualify for these jobs. That’s where Cigma Academy comes in. At CIGMA Healthcare Academy, we have been educating students who intend to achieve a successful healthcare career. Our medical coding and billing courses can give you all the skills you need to obtain your certification and step into an entry level medical billing or coding job. The programs are fully accredited and our focus is always on helping you achieve success.


Here are the things you’ll learn about in our Medical Billing and Coding programs:
1. Basic anatomy and types of medical procedures

To be successful as a medical biller or coder, you need to understand what doctors and nurses are referring to when they talk about specific medical procedures. The first step to being a great coder is understanding what the most common medical procedures and terms mean.

2. Medical codes

The most important job of a medical coder is translating the procedures written down by doctors and nurses into the appropriate medical codes. This helps keep records straight, keeps patients safe, and simplifies the billing process. We provide academic and clinical education in inpatient and outpatient coding, including required courses in health record content, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology and disease process, treatments, medical supplies and implants.

3. How to find information you need

No one can memorize every single medical code. Therefore, it’s important for medical coders to be able to look up the correct codes for more obscure procedures quickly and correctly. This research skill will make your job as a medical biller or coder much easier.

4. How medical offices run

You’ve probably been to the doctor many times in your life, but you may have never been in a medical billing office. Beyond coding, our program will help you understand how medical insurance works, the claims process, and how to communicate with doctors and insurance providers. The program prepares graduates to perform medical coding functions in various health care facilities.

5. How to pass your AAPC exam

You can’t become a medical biller or a medical coder if you don’t pass your certification exam. The program adhere to the American Academy of Professional Coders Association’s ( AAPC) approval criteria for coding certificate programs. Students completing this certificate will be qualified to sit for the AAPC exam CPC/COC/CIC credentials. That’s why we make the exam a big part of the course. You’ll have multiple opportunities to take practice exams, learn the question format, and get your questions answered by experienced instructors. With so much practice, you should be fully prepared to pass your exam the first time around.