Useful Tips In Preparing Resume For Medical Billing and Coding Jobs

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Building a proper resume can be always a daunting task for professionals in any fields. Whether you have years of experience or are just looking for your first job, your resume is very important. Even though you can find templates to help you outline your resume, knowing what to put in it is the bigger task. If you’re short on experience, you may need to be creative and consider what you do bring to the table. No matter which job search method you do use, you’re going to need a resume. In this blog you can find some useful tips in preparing resume for medical billing and coding jobs.

Make It Professional

When you are a fresher, it’s easy to get discouraged with your resume. Make sure it looks as professional as possible. Divide your resume into right sections. At the top, you’ll list your name and contact info. Double check your phone number and email to ensure you’ve typed them correctly. Many professionals want to include an objective. But it is not necesssary and if you do include an objective, personalize it to the organization to which you’re applying.

The next section will be your qualification and skills. Focus on what you can do. Put these things first so that recruiting managers don’t have to look for your education and certifications. Use the acronyms, CPC, COC, CIC, or whichever credentials you have. Look at the position to which you’re applying to learn which skills to put first.

Following the skills, include information about your education with dates. Include your continuing education credits. Not only is this part of your experience, it shows a commitment to improvement. Next, list the work experience you’ve had, especially in the industry. Any medical experience can be beneficial on your medical coding and billing resume. You don’t have to list every single job you’ve ever held, but if you worked at one place for a long time, this demonstrates a commitment to an employer. You want to include it.

Know Current Trends in Resume

Borders and fancy fonts may look nice on your resume, but today’s HR managers are not going to be impressed. They only look for informations, so you need to keep the information easy to process. Here are some other trends of which you should take notice, no matter what industry you work in.

Regularly Update Your Resume

Once you’ve built your first resume, keep it up-to-date by taking time every six months to a year to add any education or credentials that you’ve earned. Don’t wait until you’re changing jobs to think about all the things you’ve done with your current employer. You will remember more of what you’ve accomplished and won’t be stressed when you’re ready to move up the corporate ladder.

Don’t clutter Your Resume
Keep fonts consistent throughout the page
Make different sections obvious
Watch your grammar and spelling
Use relevant keywords to get past the first screening

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