How Cigma Got The 1st AAPC Global Topper

Cigma Team

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Beginning The Journey

Being a zoology graduate, he was earlier working in a career field totally different from what he studied. He had always dreamt of pursuing a career that is related to his studies. After conducting in-depth research and upon his various friend’s suggestions, he came to know about medical coding and understood the immense career possibilities it offered. This is when he realised this is his career calling.

Enrolling at Cigma

After finding out about the long-term success of a medical coding career, he decided to pursue it without haste. Abishek joined Cigma Medical Coding Academy on June 2022 for online medical coding training. He was trained in the various concepts by our qualified faculties having years of professional experience in this sector. The team also provided him with practical sessions, workshops, mock tests for the CPC exam, interview preparation tips and a lot more. All these made him effectively capable of handling the certification exam with confidence and skill.

The Transformation

In his words, Cigma’s interactive classes and practical training sessions are designed in such a way as to help students understand and master medical coding concepts. Students of all educational levels are able to grasp the concepts with minimal effort. Apart from that, the institution also conducts various placement drives through which successful candidates get placed in reputed healthcare IT companies. Abishek became placed through our job drive. Today, he is working at a reputed healthcare firm in Chennai. At Cigma, every student receives more than just classroom training. We make them ready to deal with real-world medical coding concepts.

If your dream is to pursue a medical coding career, join Cigma without hesitation. This is the right place where you can achieve great things in the future. Enrol now and begin the journey towards a globally recognized medical future.