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Why we are focusing on Medical Coding?

Medical coding and billing are one of the fastest-growing job sectors in the medical industry. Demand for these jobs is increasing highly in India and Abroad.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that demand for medical billing and coding specialists to rise by 8% from 2019 to 2029 – which is much faster than the average growth. Artificial intelligence isn't meant to replace coders as a medical coding solution, rather, it's meant to help them code more effectively and efficiently.

At Cigma Medical Coding Academy, you'll learn from the best coding and billing experts also ensuring world-class standards. You'll gain real-world coding experience and learn how to handle records at CIGMA Medical Coding Academy. With expert training from devoted faculty members, we'll help you succeed.


Characteristics that make us stand out from the other Medical Coding Institutes

  • Training:

Cigma provides the best medical coding training in Kerala with excellent teaching staff to guide you. We have the best-trained expert doctors for taking classes for the students and to guide them to success in the medical billing and coding industry

Our overall trainers are AAPC certified instructors so they easily handle the classes and training programs for our students in the most simplified format compared to other institutes. They teach our students in an effective way to help them prepare for examinations in a professional way, which helps students from even non-Medical backgrounds to pass the exams easily and become a certified medical coder.

We provide effective training programs and classes to make students prepare for the examinations. We create innovative and engaging programs leading to employment, development, and advancement in the largest and fastest-growing fields within the medical coding industry.


  • Team:

We have a great team of trainers for giving mentorship to the students and guide them to success. Our team will be always ready for helping the students whenever needed. The way of dedication and commitment by our trainers are great in a manner that they give complete attention to solve every student’s needs.

We have well-trained certified training professionals, we will make you pass the exam easily by giving proper training and classes. Cigma empowers students with the knowledge to build their careers by themselves


  • Exam Preparation:

This is the ultimate tool we provide for our students to succeed in the examinations. We provide more than 2000 rational questions with time management training to the CPC exam. After this training, they will eventually become capable of answering 150 questions in 5hrs 40minutes. This really develops the skills of the students as they can easily pass the examination, therefore the CPC examination pass results of us are much higher percentage compared to the other institutes. The classes are so understandable because the instructors will explain everything so well and they will ensure each and every student of the batch has got the concept clearly.

There will be two weeks of exam preparation classes for all the students which will definitely empower and helps them easily pass the examinations. These classes are very much beneficial and boost up the confidence level of the students.


  • Time Management:

Instead of providing broad education, our programs teach specific skill sets in just 3-6 months, so students can quickly be career-ready in medical coding and billing. This course is designed for those seeking to continue the journey of a clinical coding career.

Our course includes a nationally recognized clinical coding skillset with recognition of prior learning for those who have already achieved competency in medical language application and use.

We effectively manage the course timings in such a way that we will make sure that students who all attend online classes don’t face any difficulties during the classes as part of the current covid situations. Our programs are well-designed in step-by-step procedures that guide students through many aspects of new material while facilitating progress through manageable units.


  • Job Placement:

Our job placement program contains HR training, which helps students very much on how to appear for the interview. Cigma Provides Job notification portal for the students to inform the job vacancy in India and abroad. Have dedicated team members and moves in a very professional and systematic way of approach towards placement services. We give 100% satisfaction in placements to our students. We have also assigned a dedicated team to support the students for placement assistance.

Cigma Medical Coding Academy provides continuous job placement assistance for students to secure their careers. We make sure that every candidate who chooses us gets placed in major companies around us. We usually focus on providing the best medical coding with excellent teaching staff to guide you to success also ensures 100% job placements to all the students.


  • Support:

This team consists of teaching and non-teaching staff assigned to clear doubts of each and every student. Our trainers are trained and have worked in this field of study so that they will assist you with all of your questions.

After the course training and placements, Cigma provides supports to CEUs units’ completion, AAPC membership renewals, and CPC reinstatement services if anyone loses their credentials. Have professionally qualified staff for giving assistance in Career progression support and apprentice a removal supports career up skills by specialty training like medical coding Auditing, dental coding training, etc. We have assigned a support team to give proper guidance and mentorships for the students even after the course completion to solve their issues and problems with the courses, placements, certifications, etc.


Are you still confused about choosing Cigma Medical Coding Academy to become a successful medical coder\biller?




Krishnaja Mohan

Bibin sir and his entire team are very professional, we must appreciate their respect towards the students and concern towards their future which are not usual these days. I have passed my CPC exam and got placed in a reputed company only because of Cigma. I strongly recommend this academy.



As a former student, I highly recommend Cigma medical coding academy to everyone who are planning to study medical coding. I came from a non-medical background, the way they teach and how they prepared us for the exam helps to me to become a certified professional coder with a good score. Once again thank you Cigma medical coding academy and Bibin sir.


Sree Lekshmi

One of my right decision is selecting Cigma Medical Coding Academy for my medical coding training. They provide good facilities and study materials. Because of their training, I cleared my CPC examination on my first attempt. Really thankful for bibin sir for the exam preparation which was the best and got 100% confidence for writing my exam. Even though during the pandemic situation they made us well trained before the CPC exam I would like to thank the management for their valuable effort and great support. I suggest you choose cigma medical coding if you are looking for a career in the medical coding field and I can assure you that you can pass the exam on the first attempt 101%guarantee from my side. Without any second thought, you can join. BEST IN INDIA.


Asha Thomas

That was a really wonderful journey with Cigma. Am a medical biller and I don`t have a science background still I pass my exam with a very good score on the first attempt itself. I am very thankful to Bibin sir and the entire cigma team for helping me. I would definitely recommend Cigma medical coding Academy which is the best place for medical coding.


Neeraja Jayadev

I was a student of cigma medical coding academy. As a person from a non-Medical background, the way they teach and how they prepared us for the exam helps me to become a certified medical coder with 88% in the first attempt itself. I would like to thank the entire cigma team. The most important part is the exam preparation and class by bibin sir. The last 2 weeks of exam preparation helps me to build my confidence level and time management skills. Even after the course completion the way they are giving support to get a job is awesome. Overall this is the best institute for medical coding training. I would definitely recommend cigma for those who are looking for the best medical Coding academy and placement services.


Anoop T M

Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Dedicated team support and a very professional way and systematic way of approach in training, exam, and placement services. 100% satisfied services from cigma. I refer cigma for best medical coding training and placements services... Anyone can blindly join there and can become a medical coder if you follow their instructions as I became.



Best institute for medical coding. Excellent teacher’s good atmosphere classrooms. I truly enjoyed my course. I am very thankful to Bibin sir and the entire cigma team for helping my very good score (80%) in the first attempt itself. I would definitely recommend Cigma medical coding Academy which is the best place for medical coding and billing?


Sheena P B

Really thank full to cigma team. Especially bibin sir and kavitha madam. I am not a cigma student. But I took the exam date from the cigma institution, from that day on words the team follow-up and giving me an information like a cigma student.  I really miss that I didn't get an opportunity to study there. Anyway thank you so much to the entire team. And I really recommended the students to go and study there.


Jini Ann Thomas

Excellent coding centre. Basically I am not a life science student. Teacher Resmi miss helps me a lot to pass the exam...and also exam preparation class helped me a lot to simplify the exam. Thank you bibin sir and all staff.



Cigma is one of the best academy for medical coding in India with excellent teachers, online classes, exam preparations, and placements, experienced and dedicated staff.

I honestly preferred cigma institution for those who are wishing to study Medical coding. I thank all the staff of cigma especially Bibin sir and Binju miss for helping me to achieve CPC certification. It`s an amazing place where we can start a better opportunity in our life. Thank you cigma.


Shilpa Das

Cigma is the best and highly recommended institute for medical coding. They have an awesome team from the step up to the core. The way of dedication and commitment by the trainers like Akhila Rose who try their level best to bring out the best of ours. They give complete attention depending on each and everyone’s ability.

Most important is the exam preparation class by Bibin sir who is the Master brain of all these. He is such a man with positive vibes and has a good guidance for us and also he makes sure that each of us will crack the exam. I strongly believe and feel that no one will get a better institution than Cigma. So don't wait anymore to join Cigma, take their words and focus you will succeed...Thank you TEAM CIGMA...


Cicily Linda

My Heartfelt Thanks to the whole CIGMA team for clearing my CPC exam in the first attempt itself. I have no medical background as I’m a diploma holder in computer science. The last two-week exam

Preparation and discussion were very helpful and special thanks to Bibin sir. Guidance given by Bibin sir during the exam preparation was very effective and at the end of each preparation day, the positive energy he conveys to each and every student was truly inspiring & cleared all our doubts during the preparation class.


Jiphin Joseph

Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I have done my medical coding course through cigma. Dedicated staff and high-quality teaching will guide you to easily achieve the CPC certification. Bibin sir and other staffs are really good at teaching every aspect of coding very clearly. Their 2 weeks exam preparation is exceptional and will help is in clearing every doubt. I recommend cigma for anyone who wants to pursue medical coding as their profession.


Sivapriya S

I passed my CPC exam on my first attempt. I can say without any doubt the one and only reason behind my success is the excellent guidance and support provided by the entire team of cigma.15 days of exam preparation helped me a lot to improve my coding skill, confidence, and time management under the guidance of bibin sir .I would like to express my sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart to the entire team of cigma especially to bibin sir. He is the backbone of the institute and the man behind all the success. His dedication and efforts are beyond words. I would strongly recommend cigma health care academy for those who are interested in a career in medical coding.

I can say proudly cigma is the best choice.Thank you cigma




Our Ultimate Goal

To assist each of our students in completing their chosen field of study and obtaining employment following graduation. We want to assist you in making positive changes in your life, and we won't consider our job done until you've achieved your objective!!