CIGMA Conducts a Very Successful Job Fair 2019 at Cochin for AAPC Certified Students


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Job Fair was successfully conducted by CIGMA Medical Coding Academy last month. The Job Fair was attended by many AAPC certified students. CIGMA Medical Coding Academy has extensive experience in providing Medical Coding and Billing training. We are one of the very few finest Medical Coding Companies in India with AAPC Certification and registered offices Cochin, Kerala. This year we are going to conduct a Mega job fair for AAPC certified students. 

This is the 3rd consecutive year we were conducting the job fair. Previous years, i.e 2017 & 2018, it was a Bangalore based Vee Technology who selected the students for the Medical Coding jobs. This year Chennai based Episource take part in the Mega Job fair. Episource is an innovative global team, building services and solutions that simplify healthcare. 

69 candidates with AAPC certification were selected from life science, medical science and non medical backgrounds and many other also were short-listed for further evaluation. Companies are very happy for the students from CIGMA Medical Coding Academy as they perform well and have immense knowledge in the field. So they are always happy to conduct job fairs at CIGMA Medical Coding Academy. The initial package they offer to the students is upto 3 lakhs including the incentives and benefits.

Show below are the 69 students who got placement in the Job fair conducted in the last month.

1 Neha  Das Hospital Administration
2 Jeff Idicula John DGNM
3 Anusree  Sarma  MSc Zoology
4 Steaphen Roy  K R Diploma in Nautical Science
5 Janimol  P Food Technology
6 Josmy George B.Sc Nurisng
7 Gifty M Sabu Bsc Perfusion Technology
8 Niveditha A B Pharm
9 Karthika R MHA
10 Aparna PD BAMS
11 Rinli Thankam Jacob B.Sc Nurisng
12 Brinda Bhaskaran BAMS
13 Parija A BHMS
14 Hemalatha D Bsc Radiology
15 Vijitha Smatheej BAMS
16 Jasna K BAMS
17 Arya MM B.Sc Nurisng
18 Sini Sam Msc Nursing
19 Jiji Mathew B Pharm
20 Shahin Maria Jose D.Pharm
21 Aysha Mila B.Sc Nurisng
22 Bhavya Sunny BHMS
23 Kavia Baburaj Bsc Perfusion Technology
24 Joby Varghese B.Sc Nurisng
25 Vandana S B.Sc Nurisng
26 Rohith TS B Pharm
27 Anjani S Kamal Msc Nursing
28 Tijomon Thomas B.Sc Nurisng
29 Ayrin Sebastian GNM
30 Bini Jose Bsc Perfusion Technology
31 Arathi S Babu GNM
32 Meethu Thomas Diploma in nursing
33 Indhu S BS Physician Assistant
34 Reshma S Raj B.Sc Nurisng
35 Shafeek PA B.Sc Nurisng
36 Stephy Elsa Babu Bachelors of Physiotheraphy
37 Priyanka Radhakrishnan BHMS
38 Sheethal Prakash BDS
39 Aishwarya  KB B.Sc Nurisng
40 Sherin Binesh GNM
41 Krishna S B Pharm
42 Helen Tomson Bsc Perfusion Technology
43 Bilha Baby B.Sc Nurisng
44 Revathy V BDS
45 Sumesh S B Pharm
46 Andriya Catherine Baby B.Sc Nurisng
47 Reshma Susan Thomas B.Sc Nurisng
48 Saritha V .Kariako B.Sc Nurisng
49 Ambily KR GNM
50 Tessa Joseph B.Sc Nurisng
51 Ebin  Babu GNM
52 Nitin Sudhakaran GNM
53 Lydia Dai Bsc Physics
54 Darsana K Bsc Genetics
55 Jenet C Mathew Bsc Biotechnology
56 Sruthy VG Bsc Industrial Microbiology and Zoology
57 Joys Joy Bcom
58 Hrik Dey Bsc Zoology9(Hons)
59 Anu Thomas BCA
60 Vishnu V Nair BBA
61 Chinnu PR Msc Biotechnology
62 Pooja R Krishnan Bsc Biotechnology
63 Ann Teresa Varghese Msc Biotechnology
64 Priya P Kumar Msc Zoology
65 Anisha Mariya Bsc Zoology
66 Anjal Nandakumar Bsc Biochemistry
67 Nimisha V B Ed
68 Saliya KP Mcom
69 Sunaina EK Bsc Botany


The job description includes converting the patients case history into universally accepted alpha-numeric codes such as the International Classification of Disease (ICD) and Current Procedural Terminologies (CPT) to claim Health Insurance. Students with AAPC certification could attend the job fair. 

If you are looking for a secured healthcare IT profession, come and visit CIGMA Medical Coding Academy.