Career Options After Nursing Degree

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If you’re interested in entering the medical profession, there are number of ways that you can do it. Two of the most popular options, are medical billing and coding, and nursing. While nursing is focused on providing patient care and basic diagnosis, medical coding revolves around accurate data entry of standardized patient records. If you’re planning your education and your career, these may be two of the options that you’re considering.

Some people pursue a career in medical coding because there is the potential to work remotely from the comforts of their own home. Others find the Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) credential as a perfect solution to launch a career because they can’t afford to spend a lot of money or time on a higher education degree. And still others start out in one career and later become a medical coder because that’s where their job journey led them to, and it turns out to be a perfect fit.

As a nurse your experience in the medical field is going to make learning how to code easier since you will be well grounded in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, drugs and drug classifications, and how to document the services that are provided to your patients. All of these skills are key in becoming a good coder.

AAPC is the credentialing body that offers certification in Medical Coding. This is a college level program that requires a degree before certification is given. This path opens up your options in a hospital setting including magement as well as straight coding. Hospitals love nurse coders and often fast track them to responsible positions. Audits and refunds cost hospitals a lot of money. Haiving someone with your background that can speak coder to coders and medicaleze to physicians and other providers is invaluable in getting the documentation up to spec for billing services.

Medical coders play a vital role in the healthcare system by ensuring that hospitals, doctors offices, clinics and other healthcare facilities receive proper payment for the services they provide their patients. Medical coders use health management systems, medical record keeping software and other technologies to record patient medical treatments so that they can bill the insurance companies for the services/treatments the patient received.

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