Attending CPC exam in 2023: What to know

Cigma Team

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 Attending and successfully clearing the CPC exam is essential to begin your long-term medical coding career. Being one of the most sought career options in the health sector, there are some things worth knowing before pursuing this career. Until 2022, the CPC test was mainly paper-based and live remote proctored controlled exams. As per the recent announcement made by AAPC, all international certification exams are now being transitioned to an electronic format proctored in designated testing centres. In case you didn’t know, AAPC certification is the most recognized and trusted certification in the healthcare industry. The changes have come into effect from January 3 2023. So, if you have been preparing to begin a career in medical coding, this is something important to know.

The Transition Phase

The primary reason for this transition by the AAPC was to provide greater exam security, more testing locations and increased test opportunities for candidates. There are several changes made that you need to be aware of

  • Paper-based exams and Live Remote Proctored exams are no longer available.

  • All AAPC credentials will be available electronically (e.g. CPC, CIC, CRC, CPMA).

  • All exams will now be conducted at local Testing Centers in your country.

  • Testing dates will now be available throughout the week. (6 days a week)

  • Options to purchase either 1 or 2 exam attempts are now available.

  • If taking your exam in India, ICD 10 CM, CPT, and HCPCS  books are provided at the testing centre.

  • Exam results are published within 1-3 working days instead of the usual 10-15 days.

Even though the changes are significant, the exam is still pretty much the same. This means that the test will be an open-book exam where the original books will be available and provided by the authorised exam centres. The exam centres will be opened by January 15 2023. Now that you are aware of the changes, it's time to start preparing by enrolling at a renowned AAPC-certified institution. This is where Cigma will help you.

Why Choose Cigma?

When it comes to training students in the concepts of medical coding, Cigma Medical Coding is considered the finest for several reasons. The first being is that Cigma is Kerala’s first AAPC-certified institution. We have been maintaining the AAPC licensed educator Credentials of India since 2015. Training at Cigma guarantees the highest success rate. Among the winners, about 88% of the winners and the last CPC exam topper were from Cigma. What’s more, we placed 1500+ candidates alone in 2022. But is that all? No. 

Another highlight of Cigma is practice exams. We understand how important exams are in any educational field. Through practice exams, we offer a lot of mock tests that give students an overall idea about the test. Our expert faculties provide interactive classes that provide in-depth knowledge about medical coding concepts. We also offer 90-95% placement assistance which is something others offer very rarely. Now you know the changes made by AAPC and the best place to enrol for training, what are you waiting for? If a successful stable medical coding career is what you have in mind, Join Cigma today.