A big milestone for CIGMA Medical Coding Academy

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Big milestone of Kerala Medical Coding industry. Students at Cigma Medical Coding Academy continuing to see success. 120 students from the academy has cleared the CPC exam during the past 6 months. This is a record number and no ther Medical Coding Institute in Kerala can claim this kind of result. Students and staff at the CIGMA Medical Coding Academy are very pleased for achieving the best AAPC results every time.

The academy has been able to build an environment that’s supportive and filled with encouragement. The academy provides a self-directed learning environment where students get to work at their own pace. We really try to help the students figure out what they want to do and what their goals are and then we help figure out what pace they need to do to meet those goals

It is a privilege for the academy to announce the well-deserved results of our students and celebrate their success. Have a look at the performance of students from CIGMA Acadmey in the AAPC Exam during the past 6 months.

Team CIGMA believes the confidence comes from the staff celebrating the smallest successes — whether it’s being able to show up to classes on time, celebrating when students do well on tests or when they complete a class — because success begets success.

So you could be the next achiever. If you are interested about pursuing Medical Coding Training, you can start your new career by joining Cigma Medical Coding Academy. For more details visit www.cigmahealthcare.in.