5 Reasons Why You Should Enrol For Medical Coding Training

Cigma Team

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 Has a medical coding career been your dream ever since you decided to join the healthcare sector? In the current scenario and the ongoing pandemic, healthcare is a booming industry where one can find a lot of career opportunities and medical coding is one among them. You might ask, why medical coding is much preferred among students. The purpose of medical coding is to create unique alphanumeric codes for diseases which are used to create patient data for their insurance. 

Medical billing is the procedure used to process claim submissions in health insurance. Therefore, both streams are vital in healthcare services and are very crucial for patients. As the entire healthcare industry is experiencing a shortage of medical coders, now is your time to succeed in this field. And how to do that? Enrol at a renowned institution and get proper training. In fact, we have listed some factors if you are still in doubt.

The 5 Factors

Start your career at an early stage

Most medical coding training programs get completed within 6 months. So basically, in less than a year, you get trained and can secure your medical coding career with ease.

Higher Demand

Medical coders and billers are highly demanded by various healthcare employers, there’s no denying that. By enrolling and getting trained in the concepts, students can successfully pursue a long-term medical career. The more experience you gain over time, the higher job opportunities you get.

Flexible work schedule

Unlike traditional 9-5 jobs where maintaining a work-life balance can be tedious, being a medical coder offers a flexible work schedule. You can either work as a part-time employee or a full-time professional with 40 hours of weekly work time. However, it all depends on how qualified and experienced you are in this field.  

Freedom to work from anywhere

Apart from a flexible work schedule, you can choose the place you work. This could be a doctor’s office, a hospital, an outpatient healthcare facility, or your home. That’s the beauty of a medical coding career. Not many jobs offer this kind of freedom which makes enrolling for training essential. However, the concept of remote working will depend on the healthcare institution’s policy.

Knowledge Enhancement

The thing about obtaining training, certification and eventually working as a medical coder puts you at the heart of the healthcare industry. With the training and work experience, you can enhance your knowledge and, in turn, advance your career by working in top positions in the healthcare sector in the future.

Why Enrol at Cigma Medical Academy

Now that you have understood the perks of joining medical coding training, the next question is where to join and luckily, we know the place. Cigma Medical Coding Academy is one of the most renowned healthcare IT excellence training providers in Kerala. We train our students in innovative and engaging medical coding programs that lead to their employment, and advancement in the largest and fastest-growing fields within the healthcare IT industry. Instead of providing broad education, our core programs teach specific skill sets in just 3-6 months. This allows students to be career-ready in a short period.

Enrolling at Cigma provides you with several advantages. As a student, you receive the complete course material, hands-on practice, textbooks, etc. everything they need and guess what, it’s all included in their tuition fee. And yes, you don’t have to pay any added costs. Is that all? No. Over 500+ employers have hired graduates from Cigma to prestigious healthcare institutions. Due to this, they recognize and trust our name. 

What’s more, Cigma has a job opening notifications portal and offers placement assistance that helps you reach out to employers looking for talented medical coding students. To ensure you always stay updated our qualified faculties focus on training you with the updated syllabus and concepts. Our support team is available to help you & also you can chat with them via phone, email, or chat. 


Medical coding is not just a career, it is a lifetime assurance that you will have a secured job. Thanks to the immense demand in this sector all over the world, many young aspirants are now looking up to a stable secure career. In today’s world where AI and Machine Language technologies have taken the front seat in many jobs, medical coding not just guarantees a job but also assures job security.